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The available literature on the utilization of slag as an aggregate with trinidad and tobago asphaltic materials for road construction is limited.This study investigated the influence of electric arc furnace steel slag 020 by weight of inch sized aggregates using the marshall stability of blends to determine the optimal slag content.

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  • Study On Properties Of Concrete Using Steel Slag As

    The research project proposes investigation on principle properties of concrete and the durability of the concrete using steel slag as aggregates.The steel slag after classifying and screening is used to replace total coarse aggregates in the concrete.

  • Geometric Characteristics Of Bof Slag Coarse

    Two types of natural aggregates, basalt and limestone, were obtained from hubei province in china for use in this research.Three types of bof slag were used in this research bof slag 1 was obtained from wuhan iron and steel company in hubei province, china bof slags 2 and 3 were obtained from baotou iron and steel company in inner mongolia.

  • Steel Slag In Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Final

    Slag is used as a portion of the aggregate.If the unit cost of steel slag modified mixes is the same as conventional dense graded mixes, overall project costs may increase because of the decrease in coverage by the heavier steel slag mix.Or the test section hmac constructed with 30 steel slag, the.

  • Evaluation Of Slag As Aggregates In Asphalt Mixtures

    The standard steel slag types investigated are hazardous to human health or the environment 3.Objectives the main objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of slag asphalt mixtures using various laboratory tests conducted on the slag aggregates and slag asphalt mixtures.The study focused on slag aggregates that are already used.

  • Research Pays Off Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement With

    Steel slag rap, surface binder rap with 60 percent steel slag aggregates, and surface rap with 92 per-cent steel slag aggregates could be used as pavement base course aggregates.Porous and nonporousthat is, virginsteel slag aggregates, however, should never be used in the bases or subbases without the proper curing specified in astm d2940.

  • Study On Concrete Using Steel Slag As Coarse

    These are obtained from natural rocks and river beds, thus degrading them slowly.This issue of environmental degradation, and need for aggregates demands for the usage of any other alternative source.Thus the concept of replacement of coarse aggregate with steel slag and fine aggregate with ecosand seems to be promising.

  • Use Of Steel Slag Aggregate In Pavements Report

    The slag produced is very angular and porous with a rough surface texture figure 1.The chemical properties of the aggregates vary depending on the furnace, feed stock and slag formers used to produce the steel.The aggregate formed from the slag is comprised of calcium oxide cao, silicon oxide sio 2, iron oxide fe 2 o 3.

  • Copper Slag As Fine Aggregate For High Performance

    Slag in concrete industry as replacement of cement orand fine aggregates can have the benefit of reducing the costs of disposal and minimising environmental pollution 1,2.Little research work has been conducted to investigate the potential use of copper slag as fine aggregate on the properties of normal concrete.

  • Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate Using Steel Slag

    Various replacement level of steel slag with fine aggregate.The use of steel slag aggregates in concrete by replacing natural aggregates is a most promising concept.Steel slag aggregates are already being used as aggregates in asphalt paving road mixes due to their mechanical strength, stiffness, porosity, wear resistance.

  • Highfrictionsurface Treatmentalternative

    Governmentaccessionno 3.Recipientscatalogno 4.Titleandsubtitle.

  • Use Of Blast Furnace Slag Aggregate In Concrete

    The use of blast furnace slag aggregates in concrete by replacing natural aggregates is a most promising concept because its impact strength is more than the natural aggregate.Steel slag aggregates are already being used as aggregates in asphalt paving road mixes due to their mechanical strength, stiffness, porosity, wear resistance.

  • Geometric Characteristics Of Bof Slag Coarse Aggregate

    Increasingly popular research topic in the eld of environmental protection road materials in recent years 14,15.Ahmedzade et al.16 discussed the application of bof slag coarse aggregate in ac-10 and ac-5 asphalt mixture.The research showed that the use of bof slag coarse aggregate in asphalt mixture has.

  • Steel Slag As A Substitute For Natural Aggregate In The

    This article presents the results of an experimental research dealing with the use of steel slag as a partial substitute for natural aggregates in the production of concrete composite.Comparative mixture based on natural aggregates was prepared from the fractions of 04, 48 and 816 mm, which were represented in the volume ratio of 403030.

  • Replacement Of Aggregates By Industrial Waste Steel

    Steel slag is currently used as aggregate in hot mix asphalt surface applications, but there is a need for some additional work to determine the feasibility of utilizing this industrial by-product more wisely as a replacement for both fine and coarse aggregates in a conventional concrete mixture.

  • Steel Slag As A Substitute For Fine Aggregate In High

    Slag as aggregates in concrete environmental issue, cmireport, tehran geopave 1993, technical note on steel slag aggregate, vol.1 international journal of engineering research technology ijert ijertijert issn 2278-0181 ijertv3is100741 www.

  • Utilization Of Phosphogypsum Based Slag Aggregate In

    Additional research would be required to assess cold weather performance, however, if the aggregates were employed in northern climates.Finally, previous work regarding the envi ronmental concerns of pg-based slag aggregates was reviewed in phase one to assess the possibility of any unaccountable radiation.

  • The Skidding Resistance Potential Of Steel Slag Aggregates.

    The skidding resistance potential of steel slag aggregates abstract steel slag, a by-product of the steel industry, has been used in road construction in south.2 transport and road research laboratory proposals 13 2.3 department of transports technical memorandum 13 2.4 dot highways, safety and traffic directorate 14.

  • Study On The Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate Using

    American journal of engineering research ajer 2013 recent advances in structural engineering, rase2013 page 4 of steel slag aggregates.Higher specific surface area requires more water in the mixture to wet the surface of the.

  • Ferrosilicate Slag From Zinc Production As Aggregates

    Aggregates case study agg0078 ferrosilicate slag from zinc production as aggregates bound in cement 1 aggregates case study ferrosilicate slag from zinc production as aggregates bound in cement name trial concrete road at britannia zinc limited bzl region south west type of project demonstration research trial.

  • Production Of Lightweight Aggregates From Coal Gasification

    The lightweight aggregates were manufactured as follows the mixture of fly ash or fly ashslag was handily moulded in spherical shape with a 20-22 of distilled water, and dried at 110c.Then, the spheres of different sizes were introduced in a preheated oven at the expansion temperatures of 1150, 1175 and 1200c for 10-15 minutes.

  • The Short Term Properties Of Nickel Slag

    The paper describes a research to evaluate the performance of nickel slag-aggregate high strength concrete nsa-hsc.Nickel slag, as a by-product from nickel mines, was used as aggregates, either as coarse aggregates or both fine and coarse aggregates, to produce high strength concrete.

  • Research Article A Study On Suitability Of Eaf Oxidizing

    Structural concrete.Since most heavy weight aggregates are obtained through quarrying, substitute aggregates must be developed for environmental preservation and protection.From this point of view, the use of eaf oxidizing slag as aggregates holds great signi cance ,.According to recent studies, an increase in the compres-.

  • Converting Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Into Fine

    Glassy sand with 97 of the solid granulated slag particles less than 4 mm as shown in figure 1.Granulated bf slag is regularly used by cement industry for making portland slag cement however conversion of this slag into fine aggregate and use as replacement of river sand is an innovative and novel approach to recycle slags.

  • Aggregates General Information Euroslag

    The use of slag aggregates from iron and steel production in construction dates back to the romans who used crushed slag from the crude iron production of that time to build their roads.Nowadays, slag is still used to build roads.However, slag use is not limited to roads anymore, but slag aggregates.

  • Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Using Steel Slag

    The research was encouraging, since they show that using blast furnace slag as coarse aggregates in concrete has no negative effects on the short term properties of hardened concrete.Mohammed nadeem1, arun d.Pofale 2012, studied on replacement of coarse and fine aggregate in.

  • Experimental Study On Partial Replacement Of

    Slag, a waste material obtained from agni steel industry- ingur, in concrete as a partial replacement material for sand.Slag fines may be used as a substitute for sand without any deleterious effect.Volume stability, good sulphate resistance, 1.5 research significance in indian context presently, use of slag in india is to the tune of 15 to.